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Below are some links to some short movies of my cosworth westfield before and after my conversion, plus links to other downloads that my be of interest.

My Westfield Before Conversion

Westie over the moores

Misc Movies After Conversion

Small Blip up a hill

Overtaking a lorry

Westfield Overtaking a Lancia Integrale

Westfield out on night run At the end there would have be a great show at the round-about, but running low on fuel need to fit a pre-pump i recon suck up those last few litres to feed that engine

Westfield common crusing

Testing out launch control for the first time, its great! sorry about the sound, camera lens

2005 Hillclimb's & Sprint Video's

Wiscombe 3rd September 2005 (Saturday) Movies of Wiscombe Hillclimb 03-09-05

Dunkeswell 11th September 2005 (Sunday) Movies of Dunkeswell 11-09-05

Chivenor 18th September 2005 (Sunday) Movies of Chivenor Sprint 18-09-05

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