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Dunkeswell Sprint 11th September 2005

Below are some in-car clips of my runs at Dunkeswell, This was my second outing competing in the car since its rebuild I was quite pleased with the performance, but struggled with grip on the track, tires needed more bedding in.

1st Practice Run (in-car) 11.30am Time = 64.23 Sec 1

2nd Practice Run (in-car) 12.30pm Time = 64.51 Sec

1st Timed Run (in-car) 2.00pm Time = 63.48 Sec

1st timed run track side clip (Quicktime file)

2nd Timed Run (in-car) 3.00pm Time = 63.22 Sec

2nd timed run track side clip (Quicktime file)

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