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Chivenor Sprint 18th September 2005

Below are some in-car movies of my runs at Chivenor Sprint, This was my third event with the car since its rebuild, This is a great track to get your teeth stuck into and plenty of space if you get it wrong, luckly for me the only thing i got wrong that day was I managed to turn my engine off on my last run whilst changing gear, I was doing well upto that point I think and was sure my time would have been better than my last.

First Practice Run = quarter mile = 14.74 Lap time = 90.50

Second Practice Run = quarter mile = 14.22 Lap Time = 85.34

First Timed Run = quarter mile = 13.70 Lap Time 85.70

Second Timed run = quarter mile = 13.68 Lap Time = 84.54

Third Timed Run = quarter mile = 13.85 Lap Time = 100.95 (including penalty restarting engine)

Track Side Final Run (Quicktime movie)

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